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Sasha Matthews: Everyday Superhero
Sasha Matthews, Everyday Superhero
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This self-portrait by cartoonist Sasha Matthews marks the conclusion of a fundraiser of commissioned portraits she called “Everyday Superheroes.” The idea was to celebrate real people, doing what they love in life, by drawing them in the form of superheroes.

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Sasha notes: “This one was commissioned by Nancy and Martin Melzer, who thought I should be included in my Everyday Superheroes project.” Senator Kamala Harris asks how it got started:

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For each portrait, Sasha was told the profession or personal interests of the subject, and received a photograph to use as a reference. Altogether “Everyday Superheroes” raised $11,635.83 for the ACLU. Sasha received a New York City Council Citation and was named to Crain’s “20 Under 20.”
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Sasha Matthews at work
Sasha Matthews
Visual Storyteller
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