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Sasha Matthews is a 12-year-old cartoonist who attends 7th grade at a New York City public school. Local bookstores started selling her first self-published comic when she was in 5th grade.
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Everyday Superheroes (2017)
Sasha decided she wanted raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union, and came up with an idea: to draw real people and the things they do, but in the style of superheroes. Some people use “everyday superhero” portraits as social media profile pictures, others give them as gifts. Commissions are accepted, and 100% of what she earns goes to the ACLU. As of this writing she has earned over $1,500 to give away. If you would like to commission an everyday superhero, please see the contact info at the bottom of this page.
Little Big Shots (recorded 2016, airs 2017)
Sasha was invited to be a guest on Little Big Shots, a national NBC show with an audience of 12-15 million. For her appearance, she wrote a new biographical comic about the show’s host, Steve Harvey. This photo is from her rehearsal on the set with one of the show’s executive producers.
Cartooning Workshop (2016)
Sasha was invited to run a cartooning workshop at PS/MS 200Q, a public school in Queens, New York City. She spent an afternoon making presentations, taking questions, and coaching other students to express their own comic ideas.
Pompeii: Lost and Found (2015)
Sasha’s second self-published comic, “Pompeii: Lost and Found,” was introduced at an event at Book Culture in New York City. She co-presented alongside George O’Connor, author of the “Olympians” series.
Available Online! Just $4.95 from Book Culture...
In a short story you concentrated the history of an ancient Roman city with some of its most common habits (the baths, the games at the amphitheater, the daily life at the cafes, the golden objects), the tragedy of the eruption and the rediscovering of the city in modern times. I was very surprised by your ability in presenting the story through flash backs to the past and connections to real time.”
—Massimo Osanna, Head of Archaeology at Pompeii
Sitting Bull: A Life Story (2015)
Sasha’s first self-published comic “Sitting Bull: A Life Story” started off as an extra credit project in her New York City 5th grade public school classroom. She first set up shop in her building lobby, and then introduced herself to the owner of a local bookstore, Book Culture.
Available Online! Just $4.95 from Book Culture...
Incredible! I’ve seen sample childhood comic book art from great artists (like R. Crumb) and she is better at age 10 than they were.”
—Mark Frauenfelder, Editor Boing Boing
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Women Write About Comics
Matthews captures all the important details, balancing word and image with a skill well beyond her years. Her vivid colours choices, expressive faces, use of texture, action panels, dialogue, and concise narration all combine to create a story that is inspirational in both its subject matter and its composition.”
Tech Times
Matthews is definitive when I ask her what she does: ‘I’m a self-publisher,’ she proclaims, adjusting her horn-rimmed glasses. She tucks a chin-length lock of hair behind her ear and tilts her head toward her right shoulder.”
Watch Tech Times’ interview with Sasha:
Book Culture
Last Friday, I had the chance to meet with writer Sasha Matthews at our 112th store for an exclusive interview on her debut comic book Sitting Bull: A Life Story. We talked for over a half-hour about how she came to write Sitting Bull, what it is about comic books that inspires her, her influences, and most of all, what she finds surprising and challenging about the comic-book writing process.”
DNAinfo Podcast
Sasha Harmon Matthews, 10, had a very exciting spring. On a whim, her dad, Scott Matthews, emailed the comic book she designed for extra credit at school, ‘Sitting Bull: A Life Story,’ to the popular site Boing Boing. To their astonishment, the site decided to publish it in its entirety.”
Listen to DNAinfo’s interview with Sasha:
One Word Long
I recommend taking a look at it, not necessarily because it's by a ten year old girl... The reason I like the comic is because Sasha has a really great handle on economic storytelling. She covers a lot of ground, an entire life story, with a sense of research and complete ideas in it.”
Fumettologica (Italian)
Molti bambini coltivano il sogno di realizzare i propri fumetti, alcuni hanno la tenacia di farlo davvero, ma quasi nessuno se l’è visto pubblicare, men che meno commercializzare in libreria.”
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