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Sasha Matthews at work
Sasha Matthews Visual Storyteller
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Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits, Volume 1
Sasha is currently working on a graphic novel series that aims to share her love of history and literature through retellings of her favorite Shakespeare plays.
Families Belong Together
“The Case of Ms. L vs. ICE” is a four-page comic that explains the court challenge to keep migrant children together with their families. It was published by The Nation and researched with help from Columbia Law professor Elora Mukherjee who testified to Congress on the subject. Senator Kamala Harris responds:
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Everyday Superheroes
“Everyday Superheroes” is a series of commissioned portraits (like this one: ) that raised $11,635.83 for the ACLU. The idea was to celebrate real people, doing what they love in life, by drawing them in the form of superheroes. In recognition of “Everyday Superheroes,” Sasha received a New York City Council Citation and was named to Crain’s “20 Under 20.”
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Create a Better World
When Microsoft was planning a new campaign about using art to make the world a better place they chose to model the lead character on Sasha. Their story features 2D and 3D animation, and they built a complex set to film the transition at the end. (Making-of videos: here and here.)
Find Your True Calling
For her appearance on NBC’s “Little Big Shots,” Sasha wrote a new biographical comic about the show’s host Steve Harvey. It’s a story about overcoming adversity to find your true life calling, which they read together on the show:
The Origin Story!
When Sasha was in 5th grade, she got a homework assignment to write a comic about any subject. She picked the life story of Native American leader Sitting Bull, and discovered her joint love of cartooning and history.