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Mary Carmichael Everyday Superhero (2017)
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This one was commissioned by Mary Carmichael. She works in genomics, and is the mom of two kids — and of two bearded dragons.
Everyday Superheroes (2017)
Sasha decided she wanted to raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union, and came up with an idea: to draw real people and the things they do, but in the style of superheroes. Some people use “everyday superhero” portraits as social media profile pictures, others give them as gifts. Commissions are accepted, and 100% of what she earns goes to the ACLU. As of this writing she has earned over $5,000 to give away. If you would like to commission an everyday superhero, please see the contact info at the bottom of this page.
—Kamala Harris, US Senator (California)
Huffington Post
Liz FitzGerald, a spokesperson from the ACLU, told HuffPost that Sasha is proof that anyone can help fight for others’ rights. ‘We love this project because it shows that everyone has a role to play in fighting for our rights, not just lawyers who work at the ACLU,’ she said. ‘Using her unique talents, Sasha has helped to educate people about the ACLU, raise money to support our work and remind all of us that heroes are among us every day. We’re thrilled that Sasha is standing with us.’”
A Plus
‘It’s really kind of an educational experience in a way,’ she said. ‘I now know what an astrophysicist might be interested in or I know what a fencing uniform looks like. I really think that learning about people’s specific interests is a really cool thing to do.’”
I always look for opportunities where my kids can feel that they’re going to be heard and they’re going to make a difference. So I think that’s what really attracted me to Sasha’s project, because she’s figured out at such a young age to make her mark on the world.”
West Side Rag
The superhero part is because I think a lot of people feel a little bit powerless. The point is to make people feel empowered. Everyone has something that makes them special, even if it seems ordinary.”
About the Author
Sasha Matthews is a 12-year-old cartoonist who attends 7th grade at a New York City public school. Local bookstores started selling her first self-published comic when she was in 5th grade (see available titles).
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